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Make sure you’re driving within the law.

Are you under 40 years old? Do you tow a trailer, boat, horsebox or caravan?
You could be driving unlicensed and uninsured.

If you have passed your standard car driving test since 1997, you will have limited rights to tow trailers. You can pull a 750kg trailer, unbraked. If your trailer has brakes, it must weigh less than your vehicle and the combined gross weights for both must be less than 3500kg. Confused? Feel free to give me a ring to discuss your individual situation. Even if your trailer is under the weight limit, you may still find the course useful to ensure you’re driving safely, improve your confidence and to help you understand the risks and challenges involved in towing.

About our Course

We offer  3 day course in four hour sessions with your test on the last day (day 3) The DVSA test time and date is controlled by the DVSA but we will do our upmost to find a test that fits with you. The actual test is based upon the current test for LGV drivers and as such can only be taken at an LGV Test Centre, our nearest one being Lancing. The test will last approx. hour & half and takes the following format.

  • Meet and greet with the examiner: who will check your licence and eyesight. You need to provide your driving licence, plastic card or if your licence is still a paper version you must provide a photo ID in the form a UK passport. 
  • Vehicle questions. The examiner will ask you questions about your vehicle and trailer, we will give you full training on all the questions and procedure.
  • Off road reverse: One part of the test is an off road reverse manoeuvre, The reverse is a S-shaped reverse into a coned off bay once again we would of practice the reverse for this until you feel comfortable and competent to meet the test standard. 
  • Uncouple & Recouple: The un-couple and re-couple is another off-road exercise you will have to do. Full training for this part will be given.
  • Road drive: The examiner will be looking for excellent vehicle control during this drive, with consideration for other road users for the size of the vehicle. You will be taught to use a system of vehicle control that is used for all large vehicle drivers. You will encounter a whole variety of roads on the drive, from Dual carriageways, Spiraling roundabouts, mini roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, Town Centre work, and housing estates, but once again we will train you and practice until you are competent. 

Why chose Uckfield Logistics Training for your Trailer Towing Course?

I pride myself in giving good honest tuition backed by both experience and qualifications we pride ourselves on the fact that we teach people to drive large vehicles for life not just a test, driving large vehicle combinations requires different technics in the way you drive that will provide you with a good solid grounding for a long and successful driving career. I am a National Registered LGV Instructor as wells as an advanced instructor, coupled with over 35 years’ experience in the road transport industry we need you to pass so it is our intention to pass on to as much knowledge as possible to our pupils for the time we have.

How am I different from the competition?

Firstly, a lot of the schools providing this training are VAT registered and this is passed on to you, not a problem if your boss is paying, or if you’re a business owner who’s VAT registered, but if you’re not it can be a sizable amount added on to the final balance and you could pay 20% more elsewhere.  We don’t charge VAT on this course. 

Use our vehicle and trailer and we’ll book your test for you. I provide both vehicle and trailer for all your training and the B+E test arranged with the DVSA, or you can book your own DVSA test whatever you prefer. 

Our pass rate is 90% for car and trailer – the national average pass rate is just above 40%!

We understand how stressful tests can be, but even if you don’t make it first time, don’t feel disappointed. We will get you there and hopefully we will have fun on the way.

All driving instructors offer a different level of service and pricing is not always a good indication of the quality of training you will receive.

I pride myself in giving friendly and honest tuition, that will not only allow you to pass the test in as few lessons as possible, but also provide you with a good solid grounding for a long and successful driving career. I have over 30 years experience in the road transport industry and now aim to share my knowledge with pupils. I have passed my ADI, advanced car tests, my HGV Class 1 test, and my RTITB LGV Instructor qualification.

Some companies only provide the trailer, you having to provide your own vehicle and fuel, which brings along complications of insurance, vehicle suitability and of course cost. Others will rent you a trailer at extra cost, mine is all-inclusive. You can if you would like use your own vehicle and this may reduce the cost but please speak to me and I am happy to advise. 

The vehicle I use is an air-conditioned Land Rover Freelander and a Bateson tandem axle trailer, which is quite easy to drive, and less cumbersome than other 4x4s and trailers that other companies may provide.

Many companies offer this course in many ways and with some extras, but I just offer a simple three day course in 4 hour sessions, I can offer other options so come and talk to me and we will try and find a solution that suits you

Trailer training Sussex
Passed! – one of our clients

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