B+E Trailer Towing Course

B+E Trailer Towing Course

Driver Operators have witnessed and weathered much change during the past year or so. 

Following the removal of car and trailer B+E tests, back in September 2021, there was a huge backlash, hence the following update in May of this year from the DVSA.

The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is urging drivers who are planning to tow a trailer,  caravan or vehicle, to take a training course before getting behind the wheel.

There are newly-accredited trainers, ULTS being one, running courses to suit every level of ability, including:

  • towing for the first time
  • returning to towing after a break
  • towing larger trailers
  • refreshing and formalising your skills if you already regularly tow

The DVSA is recognising expert organisations who are approving the individual trainers joining the scheme. They must all follow the learning to drive a car and trailer syllabus, which DVSA has developed with industry experts.

You can take training that will teach you how to tow:

  • large trailers
  • small trailers (under 750kg MAM)
  • specific types of trailers such as caravans or horseboxes

ULTS is listed as a fully-accredited trainer with Skills for Logistics, one of the accredited bodies:

Skills for Logistics

Help to keep Great Britain’s roads safe

Baroness Vere, Minister for Roads, Buses and Places, said:

Towing safely is an important issue and I urge drivers to access the training to help keep Britain’s roads safe.

The new accreditation scheme, will help them to get targeted training and improve their driving skills.

I want to thank the trailer training industry, stakeholders and our partners for their commitment and support in developing this training scheme over the last few months.

Mark Winn, DVSA’s Chief Driving Examiner, said:

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we know many families will be looking to tow a trailer or caravan so it’s vital you have the skills to do this safely.

We’d encourage anyone who plans to tow something, whether it’s a caravan on holiday, or a trailer to the tip, to get training from an accredited provider. They will be able to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to keep everyone on Britain’s roads safe.


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