Forklift Truck Training

Forklift Truck Training Courses

Max No: 3 per course

Location: At the Customers Premises

Duration:  from a one-day refresher to a 3 – 5 day course for a complete novice. For conversions or experienced operators, either 1 or 2 days will be adequate depending on ability.

Instructors: experienced and accredited ITSSAR trained Instructors. We assign no more than three trainees to one instructor.

Details: all types of trucks catered for inc: Counterbalance, Reach trucks, pivot steer, pallet trucks, and many others. Non-accredited training is also available.

Level: All levels. Refresher and conversion courses are available too.

Why use ULTS for your Forklift Truck Training?

With over 35 years in the road transport industry, Uckfield Logistics Training Services can offer training with real hands-on experience which is so important when operating any forklift truck. Your customer’s goods are at risk if you leave operator training to chance, furthermore it is a legal requirement that lift truck operators are trained and have passed a test of both associated knowledge and practical ability.

Your legal obligations for Fork Lift Truck Training

In the UK it’s against the law for anybody to operate a forklift truck without adequate and proper training in the safe use of lift trucks, the minimum age in the UK is now 18 years old and it is also a legal requirement that lift truck operators are certificated and records kept of any training given the responsibility falls on both Employer and Employee.

Every year there are thousands of reportable accidents involving forklift trucks, many are due to operator error and complacency, reduce the risk and train your operators with an experienced and accredited Instructor from ULTS

If your trucks are driven on the public highways over 1000 yards from your base, then the Road Traffic Act 1988 & 1991 will also apply. Construction and Use regulations will also apply. Check your operations now to ensure you have the right certification for your operators.

Your business insurance could be invalid if the operators haven’t had the correct training.

Anyone that wishes to operate a forklift truck must receive adequate training administered by an accredited trainer. Trainees must pass a theory and practical test of competence. The training should initially be carried out in a safe area and not in a ‘real work operation’ situation.

Once an operator has completed their basic training and tests and is fully competent, it is always useful to offer further job-specific training depending on your lift truck operation. There is a requirement to provide periodic training in the form of refresher courses, particularly whenever an operator’s role has been modified in a specific way or when their expiry date is reached on their written authorization. Training records for each operator must also be kept and updated regularly along with Forklift check sheets and defect notices.

Although Forklift Truck Training may seem like a major investment, it is one that undoubtedly pays off in terms of the benefits to your business and the safe use of your forklift trucks, which are a capital investment. Not only does appropriate forklift training mean that you will meet the necessary Health & Safety Regulations, but it will also give you a more skilled and efficient workforce with less risk of accidental damage to stock, equipment or premises and reduced insurance costs.
The Benefits of On-Site Forklift Truck Training

By training on-site at our customers’ premises, we give operators the advantage of getting to know the real equipment and loads that they will be working with daily. It also means that our customers don’t have to waste time and expenses travelling to a training centre. Since we can be flexible in the times we train, you can minimize staff downtime or make training as convenient as possible for your business.

Types of Forklift Truck Training Courses available at ULTS

Course times are from 1 day for a refresher to 3 or 5 days for a novice, conversion or experienced operators depending on ability.

We can provide forklift training for all types of trucks. These include counterbalance, reach trucks, pivot steer, pallet trucks, and many others. We train individuals of all skill levels, from complete forklift novices to highly skilled operators on refresher courses.

We always maintain high-quality levels of training. We assign no more than three trainees to one instructor. We use only accredited Instructors, and all ULTS Instructors are ITSSAR trained, so the training standard is assured from the outset.

Consider Non-Accredited Forklift Training for a more cost-effective solution

We train to the ITSSAR standard as normal practice, but we can provide non – accredited training if you require it. Many of our clients opt for non – accredited forklift training. It is a cost-effective way of ensuring that employees are covered for operating forklifts on your premises.

We maintain the same high standard and professionalism for non – accredited courses. The only difference is that operators who complete the course will not be registered with the governing body ITSSAR on the TOPS (trainer Operator Registration Scheme). Despite this, operators will be registered with ULTS under the Independent Forklift Instructors Register and will still receive a training certificate and training records to show as an employer that they have provided adequate training in accordance with health and safety legislation.

For more information on forklift training and the types of forklifts, we train, please contact us.

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